Solitaire for Five Suits

Solitaire variant created by Jeff Kiska

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This is a variant of standard Klondike Solitaire, specifically designed for use with five-suited packs.

The Wild Suit Playing Cards or Stardeck (out-of-print) are ideal for this variant, because their fifth suits are both red and black, but the rules should also work with other packs such as the six-suit Deck6 (with either the suit of Shields or Cups removed), although the colour of the fifth suit should be ignored.

It is played with a 65-card, five-suit pack (jokers removed).

The object of the game is move all cards to the foundations (Aces).


The rules are the same as standard Klondike Solitaire, except that Stars (or whatever fifth suit your pack has) are considered to be the opposite colour of any suit except itself.

Cards may be played as follows, so long as the play is otherwise legal:

In all other respects, the rules are unchanged.

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